Samsung TV Half Screen Black Issue: A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide


Samsung TVs, renowned for innovation and stellar picture quality, occasionally encounter technical hiccups. One common issue is the “half screen black” problem, where half of the display remains dark while the other showcases video content. This comprehensive guide explores the intricacies of this problem, delving into potential causes and providing troubleshooting steps to restore your viewing experience.


Common Causes:

The “half screen black” dilemma can stem from various factors, including:

  1. Loose or damaged HDMI cables
  2. Incorrect input source selection
  3. Misconfigured picture settings
  4. Outdated software or firmware
  5. Hardware malfunctions

Troubleshooting Steps:

To address the Samsung TV half screen black issue, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check HDMI Connections:
    • Ensure secure connections between the TV and external devices.
    • Test with different HDMI cables to eliminate cable-related issues.
  2. Select Correct Input Source:
    • Use the TV remote to choose the right input source (e.g., “HDMI 1” for cable TV).
  3. Adjust Picture Settings:
    • Explore TV’s picture settings menu, experimenting with modes and aspect ratios.
  4. Update Software/Firmware:
    • Check for available updates via the TV’s settings menu or Samsung’s website.
  5. Reset TV to Factory Settings:
    • If issues persist, consider resetting the TV to factory settings after backing up essential data.

Additional Tips:

  • For smart TVs, restart your router and modem to fix minor software glitches.
  • Try different HDMI ports to rule out faulty ports.
  • Disconnect external audio devices to rule out audio-related issues.


The Samsung TV half screen black issue can result from diverse causes. By diligently following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide, most users can identify and resolve the problem. If self-resolution proves elusive, reaching out to Samsung customer support or a certified technician ensures expert assistance.


Question: Why is half of my TV screen going dark?
  • Answer: Several factors, such as loose HDMI cables, incorrect input source, misconfigured settings, outdated software, or hardware failures, can cause half of the TV screen to go dark.
Why is one side of my Samsung TV screen dark?
  • Answer: A dark side of a Samsung TV screen is often linked to issues with the T-CON board, responsible for processing image signals. A faulty T-CON board can cause half of the screen to darken.
Question: Why is part of my TV screen black?
  • Answer: The reasons for part of the TV screen being black are akin to those causing half of the screen to go dark, as listed above.
Question: Why is my TV only showing part of the screen?
  • Answer: The reasons for a TV only displaying part of the screen align with those causing part of the screen to be black, as listed above.
Troubleshooting Safety Guidelines:
  • Do not attempt TV repairs unless qualified.
  • If uncertain, seek assistance from a qualified technician.
  • Handle your TV with care, considering its delicate nature.
  • Avoid exposing the TV to extreme temperatures or humidity.
  • Keep the TV clean and free of dust.

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